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    • Young Lives : Peru Round 2 Survey 

      Escobal, Javier; Ames, Patricia; Cueto, Santiago; Penny, Mary; Flores, Eva (Young Lives, 2008-09)
      Presenta los hallazgos iniciales de la segunda recolección de datos en Perú entre el 2006 y 2007 que muestra indicadores de pobreza infantil.
    • Young Lives Qualitative Research : Round 1 – Peru 

      Ames, Patricia; Rojas, Vanessa; Portugal, Tamia (Young Lives, 2009-07)
      This report presents an initial analysis of some of the qualitative data collected in four of the 20 Young Lives sites in Peru between August and December 2007. Data collection was carried out with both cohorts of Young ...
    • Young Lives School Survey in Peru: Design and Initial Findings 

      Guerrero, Gabriela; León, Juan; Rosales, Elizabeth; Zapata, Mayli; Freire, Silvana; Saldarriaga, Víctor; Cueto, Santiago (Young Lives, 2012)
      This paper presents the methodology and initial findings of the Young Lives School Survey in Peru, aimed at studying inequality in educational opportunities and outcomes of students from the Younger Cohort (born between ...
    • Your Move : The Effect of Chess on Mathematics Test Scores 

      Gumede, Kamilla; Rosholm, Michael (Institute for the Study of Labor, 2015-09)
      We analyze the effect of substituting a weekly mathematics lessons in primary school grades 1-3 with a lesson in mathematics based on chess instruction. We use data from the City of Aarhus in Denmark, combining test score ...
    • Youth Employment Transitions in Latin America 

      Cunningham, Wendy; Salvagno, Javier Bustos (World Bank, 2011)
      Using panel data from labor force surveys in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico, the paper maps out young people's paths from the classroom to the work place during the 1980s through the early 2000s. By decomposing transition ...